About Roblox Den

Our origins. Our future. And everything in between.

What is Roblox Den?

Roblox Den is a resource for Roblox players that opened its doors to the world in May 2021. We have one purpose: make the life of Roblox players easier.

So, how do we a Roblox player's life easier? That's an easy (but potentially long-winded) question to answer. To put it briefly, we've created a lot of different tools and resources that come in super handy for most Roblox players. To put it a little less briefly, we've listed some of the tools and resources we provide below:

  • The most up-to-date Roblox promo codes database on the internet. With hundreds of promo codes (and more continually being added), we're a one-stop-shop for anyone looking to grab some free promotional gear for their Roblox inventory.
  • A list of all Roblox star codes to help Roblox players support their favorite content creators by using their creator code when purchasing Robux.
  • A database of Roblox color codes for Roblox developers and techy players to customize their games and character.
  • Our very own "Roblox dictionary" that catalogues all of the Roblox lingo that you'd be hard-pressed to understand without!
  • The most advanced Roblox username generator on the net, with Roblox-specific settings and unlimited customizability.
  • Written guides to help with common Roblox issues, along with troubleshooting for frequent client and network errors.
  • Documentation for hundreds of admin commands from the two most popular plugins: HD Admin and Kohl's Admin Infinite.
  • An interactive list of all Roblox emotes, complete with previews and easily copyable commands to perform in-game.
  • Lists of bonus codes for many Roblox games, so that Roblox players don't miss out on any exclusive promotions.

Who's Behind Roblox Den?

Roblox Den is part of the Dantoo Publishing Network. Dantoo is a UK-based web publishing company that started in 2017 and operates one of the largest portfolios of gaming and technology websites. You can find out more about Dantoo at dantoo.net.