The 10 Weirdest and Funniest Roblox Games.. ever!

Warning: very weird.

  • 1

    Human Giraffe

    Play Human Giraffe

    Ever wondered what it would be like to live a day in the life of a giraffe? Although not completely fulfilling your dreams, Human Giraffe will certainly bring you closer to your giraffe-related desires. Within the game, your character will be given an elongated and wobbly neck. With no clear objective, you are free to experiment however you wish, whether that be bumping into other players or simply showing off your balancing skills to your friends. With the addition of the *lick* feature to the game, you can also use your lizard-like tongue to grapple onto different objects scattered across the map.

    Human Giraffe icon
    Player Count:93
  • 2

    Fart Attack

    Play Fart Attack

    Put your farting skills to the test in Fart Attack, an arena-style PVP game where you must battle it out with other players in order to survive. Knock out other players using a wide range of skills available to you, including Smellicopter, Fartnado, as well as Poop Mines! Level up your character as you do so and improve the perks and abilities you have. Unlock *Special Farts* to sneak attack enemies, and also to show off your well-trained farting abilities to friends and other players in-game. Complete challenges on the side for extra points, as well as to increase your chances of earning special points. With over 10 different arenas to be chosen from each round, you'll always find a new tactic to try out!

    Fart Attack icon
    Player Count:75
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    Poop Scooping Simulator

    Play Poop Scooping Simulator

    As strange as the game may sound, Poop Scooping Simulator is a lot more engaging than the name would have you think. In this game, you only have one priority: *scoop as much poop as possible*. With only a beginner's shovel and backpack to start off with, you must scoop your way up to better tools and storage devices if you want to progress through the game. Sell the poop you have cleaned up from across the map near the spawn area, and use this to purchase new items in the in-game shop. Purchase a wide range of cool new tools and backpacks to both make your poop scooping adventures easier, as well as to show off to other players. You can even engage in duels with other players when the *Poop Fight* mode is activated. Launch as much poop at other players as possible and earn even more coins to spend in the shop!

    Poop Scooping Simulator icon
    Player Count:1
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    Zombies are Attacking McDonalds

    Play Zombies are Attacking McDonalds

    In Zombies are Attacking McDonalds, you'll quickly realise that today Big Macs aren't the only thing on the menu. With undead enemies forcing their way in through doors, windows and upper floors, you'll have to defend yourself if you don't plan on becoming a zombie's midnight snack. With the sole objective of securing and defending the McDonalds store you find yourself stranded in, you must work together with other players in order to lock down all possible entry points. Although you are forced to start off with a weak pistol and sword to take out any hostiles, with every zombie kill you achieve you are also granted coins, which can be spent on stronger items in the in-game shop.

    Zombies are Attacking McDonalds icon
    Player Count:4
  • 5

    Survive Ariana Grande In Area 51

    Play Survive Ariana Grande In Area 51

    Curious to discover what's really hidden inside Area 51, you and a group of other players are sent in with little knowledge on what you might find. Expecting perhaps resistance from military members or even aliens hidden away by the government, you'll slowly find yourself battling it out against a swarm of blood-thirsty Ariana Grandes. With little to no weapons to defend you and your team-mates with, finding an escape route will prove difficult as you find yourself stranded in a seemingly endless maze of corridors. Do you think you have what it takes to escape, and tell the world about the horrifying secrets that lay hidden in Area 51?

    Survive Ariana Grande In Area 51 icon
    Player Count:50
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    Dancing Parrots

    Play Dancing Parrots

    If you're looking to take a break from the mentally-exhausting and time consuming Roblox games out there, Dancing Parrots is the perfect game for you. As the title may suggest, this game focuses on a crew of 6 parrots who are simply dancing around to a series of different music tracks. A brightly-coloured stage compliments their movements which are constantly changing, providing you with a simple yet entertaining experience. Without the option to move, look around, or even change perspective, this game restricts you to solely observing the parrots as they vibe to the tunes played out!

    Dancing Parrots icon
    Player Count:2
  • 7

    Vault Seven

    Play Vault Seven

    In an abandoned facility rumoured to hold the secrets to inter-dimensional travel, you find yourself stranded with a selection of other players. Exploring the facility will allow you to gain access to new locations and different rooms, each holding unique secrets which were previously lost. In addition to the hidden rooms scattered across the compound, there is also a concealed underground mining system, whose original purpose is yet to be rediscovered. With no clear objective set out for you to follow, you are simply free to explore and uncover any secrets that await.

    Vault Seven icon
    Player Count:1
  • 8


    Play Exploration

    Starting off in an isolated cabin in the middle of nowhere, you'll find yourself having no other choice but to explore the area around you by following a pre-determined path set out by the game. Locked within the first-person perspective, you'll find this game to be quite immersive with realistic terrain generation as well as continuous new and different locations to explore. With the path to follow seeming to have no end and with no clear objectives, the real reason behind this game is yet to be explained.

    Exploration icon
    Player Count:0
  • 9

    Purple Skittles

    Play Purple Skittles

    Taking hints from the popular Pokémon game franchise, Purple Skittles puts your air hockey skills to the test in an interactive story-based experience. Starting off in a small town with several entities to interact with, you'll be able to freely explore a series of different locations collecting XP as you do so. To unlock new locations however you'll need to go head to head with NPCs in air hockey battles, where you'll have several attempts to claim a victory in return for XP. As you level up your character through earning XP you'll find yourself becoming stronger and mastering different air hockey abilities. Practise your skills as much as possible and try to become the best air hockey duelist in the game!

    Purple Skittles icon
    Player Count:6
  • 10

    Survive the Peppa Pig

    Play Survive the Peppa Pig

    Although renowned for her child-friendly TV appearances, Survive the Peppa Pig will certainly prove you wrong about how friendly you think she really is. Armed with a deadly baseball bat, you must run, hide and work with other players to survive against Peppa Pig until the timer runs out. Locked within an isolated map with limited places to escape to, you must think carefully about where you choose to hold out if you hope to live to see another day.

    Survive the Peppa Pig icon
    Player Count:1