Best Roblox Games

A list of the best Roblox games, curated by Roblox Den.

  • 1

    Restaurant Tycoon 2

    Play Restaurant Tycoon 2

    In Restaurant Tycoon 2, you are in charge of your very own restaurant. With a large selection of cuisines to choose from, it's up to you to build and design your restaurant from the ground up. Decide what from what type of furniture best suits your menu, to the plants and paintings you want to decorate the place with. Hire your own employees to wait on customers and cook your food, and level them up over time to improve your customers' experience. Make sure to keep an eye on your ratings; if you don't keep your restaurant clean or provide good food you'll soon be losing customers!

    1st in Tycoon 5th in Building 16th in Most Popular
    Restaurant Tycoon 2 icon
    Player Count:17,584
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    Tower of Hell

    Play Tower of Hell

    Unlike many other obbies out there, Tower of Hell not only challenges you with a difficult parkour course, but also puts you up against every other player in the game. Tasked with being the first to reach the end of the course, you must make sure you watch you step if you want to claim a victory. If you think that's hard enough, Tower of Hell gives you a strict time limit to complete the obby, and also allows no checkpoints to be set along the way. This means no matter how close you are to completing the course, all it takes is one wrong move to put you back into last place!

    1st in Obby 5th in Most Popular
    Tower of Hell icon
    Player Count:47,248
  • 3

    Build a Boat for Treasure

    Play Build a Boat for Treasure

    Build a Boat for Treasure lets you design and sail your own ship, with the goal of finding the coveted *Treasure Chest*, which is filled with gold. Strengthen your boat with stronger materials to survive different environments you will encounter, with gold earned from previous missions. You can also create a team and build your boat with friends and other players, allowing you to combine items to make a more fortified ship. Use the shop to purchase exclusive items to make your boat faster and more unique, including balloons, harpoons, and even jet engines!

    1st in Building 9th in Most Popular
    Build a Boat for Treasure icon
    Player Count:28,396
  • 4

    Work at a Pizza Place

    Play Work at a Pizza Place

    Although the game's title may not sound very interesting, the game itself will be sure to keep you enticed with various different interactive elements. Start off your pizza journey by getting yourself employed at the local pizza restaurant, and work with other players to make sure you meet all the orders placed by customers. For all the hard work that you put in you will receive a monthly pay check, which can be spent in the in-game shop. You also have the ability to have your own house which can be upgraded and furnished the more you play, where you can host parties and even take time off!

    2nd in Old 14th in Most Popular
    Work at a Pizza Place icon
    Player Count:19,838
  • 5

    Explore a seemingly endless IKEA furniture hall, filled with different room showcases and newly released furniture. During the day time all seems well, with a well-lit pathway illuminated before you. As night falls however, the store is plunged into darkness, and possessed employees are unleashed to those who remain after opening hours. With only the furniture around you to defend yourself with, you must construct a safe house with any others that you trust and hope that you survive until the morning.

    9th in Horror
    3008 icon
    Player Count:12,743
  • 6

    Natural Disaster Survival

    Play Natural Disaster Survival

    Test your survival skills against some of the deadliest disasters known to man in Natural Disaster Survival! Isolated on a small island at the start of each round, you and a group of other players must find different ways to survive as randomly selected disasters take over the island you are stranded on. Whether that be reaching high ground to avoid a tsnuami or taking cover to shelter away from acid rain, you must quickly adapt to the catastrophes you find yourself in in order to survive. Surviving each round successfully will increase your total win count - this in turn will be updated on the leaderboard where you can show off your survival skills to other players!

    1st in Survival
    Natural Disaster Survival icon
    Player Count:10,538
  • 7

    Bee Swarm Simulator

    Play Bee Swarm Simulator

    Start and grow your very own bee swarm in Bee Swarm Simulator. Claim a hive in-game and begin to upgrade and increase your swarm by collecting pollen and creating honey. Choose from a whole selection of bees to add to your ever growing collection, all with unique colors and abilities. If you feel like a bit more of a challenge, you can dare to climb some of the tall mountains in-game to fight powerful bosses for even cooler loot and pollen. There is even hidden treasure all over the map, which can be used to assist you with your ever growing swarm!

    2nd in Most Popular
    Bee Swarm Simulator icon
    Player Count:57,316
  • 8

    Royale High

    Play Royale High

    Follow your dreams in Royale High, a fantasy-based roleplaying game where you can design your very own character and earn rewards as you play. Explore various magical locations as you traverse a large map set out before you, and play different games as you reach new areas of the map. Through the games you play you have the chance to earn diamonds, a currency that you can use to upgrade your character or spend in the in-game shop! You can also attend Royale High School, a place where you can attend a wide variety of classes, and earn rewards as you do so which can gain you access to special items to show off to other players!

    3rd in Most Popular 3rd in RPG
    Royale High icon
    Player Count:56,636
  • 9

    Counter Blox

    Play Counter Blox

    Counter Blox is a team-based FPS where you are chosen to be Terrorists or Counter-Terrorists. As a Counter-Terrorist, you must defend the bombsites against the Terrorists, making sure they don't get the chance to plant the bomb. If they do, you have a very limited amount of time to defuse, otherwise it may detonate and the Counter-Terrorists lose the round. Purchase new weapons with money earned the previous round and do whatever it takes to stop the other team from winning. You can even take part in the Deathmatch game-mode, where there are no teams and it is every man for himself. Choose your weapons here wisely, as any wrong choices may give your opponent the upper hand.

    10th in FPS
    Counter Blox icon
    Player Count:3,617
  • 10

    Murder Mystery 2

    Play Murder Mystery 2

    In the breathtaking Roblox game Murder Mystery 2, a group of players are placed together in a map. Sounds simple, right? Not quite. One member of the group is assigned the role "MURDERER". If you weren't able to guess from the name, this player has one objective: *to kill*. All of the remaining players have to work together to find out who the murderer is before it's too late...

    20th in Most Popular
    Murder Mystery 2 icon
    Player Count:77,797