Top 10 Roblox Story Games

Books? Nah. Movies? No thanks. Roblox? Yes please!

  • 1

    Field Trip Z

    Play Field Trip Z

    As you start your first day at school in Field Trip Z, all seems to be going as planned as you head to scheduled lessons and interact with other like-minded students. However, as the day progresses, the school day begins to grow stranger and stranger as timetables are altered and military begin to roll out outside the building. Before you even have time to prepare, you will find yourself amidst a zombie apocalypse, where your new and only goal is to survive. Follow the interactive and adaptable story line as you find new ways to escape the flesh-eating monsters that await, and team-up with other players in the hopes of living to see another day.

    6th in Zombie
    Field Trip Z icon
    Player Count:2,425
  • 2

    As the annual Purge night slowly creeps in, you and a group of 11 other players must secure the house you're staying the night in against any unwanted guests. Use barricades, block off windows, and make sure the doors are locked to make sure no intruders find their way in. As the night progresses however, you'll find all is not as peaceful as it seems, and you may need to take arms in order to see it through until the morning. Explore the house as you play and follow the unique story-line, uncovering the hidden rooms and devastating secrets that await.

    Break In icon
    Player Count:8,489
  • 3

    Airplane 4

    Play Airplane 4

    Securing its place as the fourth instalment in the Airplane game series, Airplane 4 keeps players enticed with a brand new and exciting storyline. Although this game acts as a sequel to previous Airplane games, new players will no doubt have just as much fun as those who have had experience with the series. As you begin to set off for vacation in this seemingly innocent holiday story, you'll find your plans swiftly grind to a halt as dark and powerful forces shroud the home town you're trying to get away from. With thousands of lives on the line and the future of the planet at stake, do you have what it takes to stop the evil powers at work, and save the lives of those you most care about?

    Airplane 4 icon
    Player Count:487
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    Dead Silence

    Play Dead Silence

    Dive into the unsolved mystery of Mary S, a young girl whose disappearance is yet to be explained. Start your journey off by exploring a series of underground sewer systems, and work your way up to above ground where you'll be able to explore a series of unique buildings and locations. With a variety of tasks to complete in order to progress further within the game, you'll need to keep a steady hand if you wish to make it through the night safely. Choose to play with up to 3 other players, or take the even more spine-chilling route and play the game alone. Filled with eerie sounds, different jump scares, as well as low light levels, this game is definitely not for the faint hearted.

    1st in Horror
    Dead Silence icon
    Player Count:205
  • 5

    Acting as a sequel to the previous Daycare game, Daycare 2 allows players to re-enact the daycare experience whilst interacting with a unique and personalised story-line. As the story begins, you and a group of other players get to roleplay in and explore the daycare setting set out before you. However, as time slowly progresses, you will find all is not as it seems and that dark forces at work. Before long, you'll be facing off monsters and demons in the hopes of survival, and potentially losing fellow players as you search for a means of escape. With multiple different endings and routes to take, its up to you to make sure you and any other friends you make along the way live to see another day.

    Daycare 2 icon
    Player Count:1,174
  • 6

    Alone in a Dark House

    Play Alone in a Dark House

    As the name suggests, this game leaves you alone and isolated in an abandoned home, well-known for its haunting history. Taking on the role of a private detective, you must investigate the mysterious vehicle murder that took place here not too long ago. Whilst exploring the nearby village as well as different houses, you must piece together and solve the mystery, whilst uncovering new and devastating secrets about the victims. Only being able to be played in single-player, this game will be sure to haunt you to your core.

    2nd in Horror
    Alone in a Dark House icon
    Player Count:154
  • 7

    Home Alone

    Play Home Alone

    Based off of the very popular Home Alone movie franchise, Home Alone allows players to defend their very own home against an infamous criminal duo. Following the original story from the first Home Alone movie, players will find that they themselves have also been left alone at home whilst their family take a Christmas vacation. Although having the house to yourself may seem enticing at first, an unexpected visit from a team of burgulars will be sure to stop you in your festive tracks, and also frighten you to your core. With the house and all that remains inside at stake, its up to you a group of other players to defend your home against unwanted intruders, and keep it safe until your family returns.

    Home Alone icon
    Player Count:847
  • 8

    Aquarium Story

    Play Aquarium Story

    Explore with friends the local aquarium in its entirety, visiting different exhibits and discovering new and exciting aquatic wildlife as you do so. However, what seems to have begun as normal day out will slowly turn into a haunting detective story. After finding one of your friends to have completely disappeared, you and other players in-game will have to begin to look for clues in order to solve the mystery bestowed upon you. Through exploring new locations, going scuba diving, as well as battling it out with potential hostiles along the way, it's up to you to work out where your missing friend really went.

    Aquarium Story icon
    Player Count:74
  • 9

    Enjoy a luxurious cruise trip out in the middle of the ocean with various of other players, with loads of different activities to take part in. With various different buffet options to dive into as well as various sporting competitions to try out, you'll be sure to have a great time aboard this seemingly typical cruise ship. However, as days seem to pass, things onboard seem to grow stranger and stranger and you will begin to realize all is not as it seems. With power outages, robberies, as well as apparent appearances of ghosts onboard, you'll be sure to love the enticing storyline that Cruise provides.

    Cruise icon
    Player Count:821
  • 10

    On your way to a tropical island with your friends for your annual vacation, you'll find your plane hijacked by a mysterious entity who wants to make sure you don't reach your desired destination. After finding the plane's engines to be failing, you'll have to prepare for impact at an unknown location in the middle of the ocean. By taking a life jacket, teaming up with fellow passengers, and avoiding the dangers of the water below, only then will you have a chance of survival against whatever's waiting for your outside the plane's door.

    Vacation icon
    Player Count:791