Top 10 Roblox FPS Games

Reload your magazines and get ready for some action.

  • 1

    Phantom Forces

    Play Phantom Forces

    Phantom Forces is a fast-paced and team based FPS, where you must battle it out with the opposing the team in the hopes of securing a victory. Each team, whether that be the Phantom or Ghost team, consists of 16 players, and must use a wide variety of different weapons to take out any enemies. Within the game, any of the 7 available game-modes are able to be played, including Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, as well as the zombie-themed Infection. With the ability to upgrade weapons and new updates constantly being added to the game, Phantom Forces will definitely suit any FPS fan.

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    Player Count:6,888
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    Arsenal is a fast-paced FPS in which you must battle it out with other teams to progress to the Golden Weapon. Every kill you achieve allows you to progress to the next gun. With nearly 150 guns in the loadout, you'll always be wondering what is coming next. After - and if - you attain enough kill to acquire the Golden Weapon, all it takes is one final kill to win the game. Earn BattleBucks as you play and use these to purchase a wide variety of skins and cool effects for your character.

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    Player Count:11,476
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    BIG Paintball!

    Play BIG Paintball!

    Unlike many aggressive and life-threatening FPS games out there on Roblox, BIG Paintball takes a step back and provides you with a more relaxed and comic approach to the currently saturated FPS genre. Within the game, you are placed on 1 of 2 teams, and must battle it out with the other using a wide variety of different paintball guns. Upgrade your weapons through kills, killstreaks, as well as game victories, to better prepare you for any future games you hope to play. With a large selection of different maps and weapons to try out, BIG Paintball will be sure to stand out amongst any other FPS you have played before!

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    Player Count:5,682
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    Bad Business

    Play Bad Business

    Bad Business is a team-based FPS, taking particular inspiration from the very popular Call of Duty franchise. The different modes within the game offer longer rounds to suit those who want something a bit different from other fast-paced FPS games out there, including modes such as Team Deathmatch, King of the Hill, in addition to Kill Confirmed. Players are put on 1 of 2 teams, and must battle it out with the other to secure a victory, whilst using a wide range of different weapons available to them. With a selection of different maps randomly chosen from at the start of each game, team-work is vital if you hope to defeat the opposing team.

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    Player Count:1,933
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    Zombie Uprising

    Play Zombie Uprising

    If you're feeling like getting away from the many player against player games out there on Roblox, Zombie Uprising brings a fresh take to the FPS selection currently available. Placed within a randomly chosen arena-style map, you and a team of other players must fend off against countless hordes of zombies. With each wave progressively getting harder as you complete the previous, teamwork is vital if you hope to survive the round in one piece. With a wide variety of different maps, upgradable weapons, as well as different types of zombies to take out, Zombie Uprising will be sure to keep you enticed!

    1st in Zombie 6th in Survival
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    Player Count:7,489
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    Island Royale

    Play Island Royale

    Battle it out in Island Royale, a huge open-world map where you must search for loot in order to be the last man standing. Find all sorts of weapons to take down opponents, including snipers, SMGs and even flamethrowers. Collect materials from different structures to protect yourself whilst you're in battle, and gain the upper hand on your enemy. You can also heal yourself using different types of medical items found across the map. Make sure to not get caught in the slowly approaching storm however; it will deal a lot of damage and may cost you the game if you're too slow to escape it!

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    Player Count:96
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    Play SHOOT OUT!

    Shoot Out takes a step back from the modern FPS theme and provides a more classic approach, providing players with a Western-themed FPS game. Within the game, you are placed on one of two teams, and are tasked with taking out enemies in order to upgrade your own weapons. Much like that of the famous Gun Game mode made popular by the Call of Duty franchise, you must progress through every weapon available during that round in order to secure a victory. With the set of weapons as well as the map changing each round, you must keep a steady hand and aim sharp if you hope to achieve success.

    SHOOT OUT! icon
    Player Count:458
  • 8

    Notoriety is a heist-based FPS, where you and a small group of other players are tasked with collecting certain items from a set location each round. Whether it be cash from a bank or diamonds from a jewelry store, you must work together with your team-mates in order to secure the loot and make it out without any casualties. Within in the game, you must discretely enter your location and avoid alerting the police as long as possible. If police attention is gathered, you may be required to take hostages and fight back to protect your earnings. Through each successful heist and based on the money collected, you are able to level up your character, as well as purchase new tools and weapons from the in-game shop for future heists!

    Notoriety icon
    Player Count:421
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    The Wild West

    Play The Wild West

    Try your luck in The Wild West, a typical Western-themed Roblox game where you have the ability to live the life in the American West and roleplay with other players. Whether you become a fearsome cowboy, criminal outlaw, or even a kill-hungry bounty hunter, is all completely up to you. Through hunting down outlaws, robbing banks, and also mining for gold out in the mountains, you can build up your wealth and slowly become the richest player in the game. With a huge open-world and detailed map to explore, The Wild West will certainly satsify all players who are looking for the ultimate roleplaying experience.

    9th in RPG
    The Wild West icon
    Player Count:6,608
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    Counter Blox

    Play Counter Blox

    Counter Blox is a team-based FPS where you are chosen to be Terrorists or Counter-Terrorists. As a Counter-Terrorist, you must defend the bombsites against the Terrorists, making sure they don't get the chance to plant the bomb. If they do, you have a very limited amount of time to defuse, otherwise it may detonate and the Counter-Terrorists lose the round. Purchase new weapons with money earned the previous round and do whatever it takes to stop the other team from winning. You can even take part in the Deathmatch game-mode, where there are no teams and it is every man for himself. Choose your weapons here wisely, as any wrong choices may give your opponent the upper hand.

    9th in Best
    Counter Blox icon
    Player Count:3,617