Top 10 Roblox Pokemon Games

Gotta catch 'em all!

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    Monsters of Etheria

    Play Monsters of Etheria

    Inspired by the game Pokémon Fighters EX, Monsters of Etheria allows you to own a series of different "Etherians" and also battle it out with other players, in the hopes of having the most powerful Etherian in the game! Starting off with a single Etherian, you have the opportunity to explore the open world set out before you. Whether this map is explored in PvP or roleplay mode is entirely up to you, but be prepared to fight off other players in the extremely chaotic PvP mode. As you battle your Etherian with other players', you have the ability to level it up and also gain extra XP, as well as being able to unlock new moves for your character. In addition to duels, you can complete side quests, and also purchase crates in the in-game shop for skins to deck out your Etherian!

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    Player Count:273
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    Become the best Bloxymon trainer in Bloxymon, an interactive and open-world game where you must train your very own Bloxymon and also battle it out with any other players that stand in your way! Starting off at your local gym, you get to choose the Bloxymon you begin with, which is able to be used in fights with other Bloxymon where it can level up and learn new skills. As you explore the map set out before you, you can also complete side quests and earn extra rewards. Exploring new areas will also give you the chance to capture more Bloxymon - but be warned - having your Bloxymon be a too low a level for a duel may lead to you going back home empty handed!

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    Player Count:32
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    Choose and train your very own Pokémon in Plasma, and explore a large and interactive open-world map outside of your local town. With a selection of different first Pokémon to choose from, you are in control of which Pokémon you want to use to climb your way to the top of the leaderboards! When exploring the outside world, you will often find yourself in Pokémon duels where you will have to carefully choose which to skill to utilise and whether fights are worthwhile. With every successful fight your Pokémon will be able to level up, improving and unlocking certain skills for any future battles! Complete side quests along the way and interact with various different NPCs as you go, all offering valuable items as well as information for your travels.

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    Player Count:487
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    Loomian Legacy

    Play Loomian Legacy

    Following on from the popular Pokémon Brick Bronze Roblox game, Loomian Legacy shares a lot of similar features to its predecessor as well as adding in new items and creatures to capture. In the game, you have the ability to explore an open-world wilderness, where you can capture and train your very own "Loomians", much like that of other Pokémon games. Upgrade your Loomian by battling it out with other players' Loomians, and practising its skills in various areas across the map. In addition to just simply capturing Loomians, you can also trade with other players to gain new ones, giving you the chance to also get rid of any you have no need for!

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    Player Count:1,831
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    Hatching Legends

    Play Hatching Legends

    In Hatching Legends, you have the ability to purchase and hatch your very own eggs which will give birth to to various different creatures. Starting off with simple creatures in the "Common" section, you can slowly work your way up to owning "Legendary" level beasts which can help you unlock new areas of the map. The higher the level your creatures have, the more money and gems you will be able to earn, which in turn will allow you to purchase even more eggs in the hopes of gaining even cooler creatures! There is also a trading feature in-game meaning you can get rid of any excess creatures you don't have a need for, as well as negotiate for any special and hard-to-find beasts you just can't seem to hatch!

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    Player Count:71
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    Pet Simulator X

    Play Pet Simulator X

    Collect all the pets you desire in Pet Simulator, by choosing from the wide selection of animals available to you. First you must decide whether to start off with a dog or a cat, and slowly collect enough coins to purchase more pets and also to progress through to the next levels in the game. Upgrade your pets to collect coins quicker, and also to improve their appearance. In addition to this, you can also upgrade your pets' ranks allowing them to gain unique coin multipliers, however be warned that this will cause all of your previous progress to reset! Purchase boosts in the in-game shop to improve the rate at which you earn coins, XP as well as tokens. Trade with other players to get rid of any items you don't need, and finally attain that one pet you have been searching so long for.

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    Player Count:0
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    Ben 10: Ultimate Ensemble

    Play Ben 10: Ultimate Ensemble

    Work with or against other players in Ben 10: Ultimate Ensemble, an open-world adventure game that lets you transform into a wide range of different creatures! Starting off with smaller and weaker transformation abilities, you must upgrade your character and unlock new creatures by battling it out with other players. Whilst on the lookout for other players, you can also explore the open-world map set out before you, with a selection of different locations and areas to explore. Continue to level up your character, collect different creatures on your omnitrix, and become the best fighter in the game!

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    Player Count:237
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    Dragon Blox

    Play Dragon Blox

    Enter the world of Super Saiyans in Dragon Blox, a game where you have the ability to assume the role of an extremely powerful being known as a Saiyan! As a Saiyan, you have access to a wide range of different abilities, including different battle techniques as well as transformations. Within the game, you can explore the map outside the spawn area, and find different players to battle it out with. Practise your new-found abilities to make sure you come out on top in battles, and level up your fighting powers the more battles you claim a victory in. Learn new abilities, level up your character, and practise your transformation skills to become one of the strongest Saiyans in the game!

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    Player Count:4,455
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    Pet Ranch Simulator 2

    Play Pet Ranch Simulator 2

    Start your very own pet ranch in Pet Ranch Simulator 2, and collect as many rare and unique pets as you can! Equip pets you own to earn coins as you play, and also gain extra coins by playing different mini-games as well as completing quests on the side. Upgrade your ranch to be able to own more pets, and purchase eggs in-game to have the chance to unlock some new and exciting pets which can be added to your collection. Customize your ranch to make your pets feel at home, and choose from a wide selection of items to decorate it with. With loads of items to choose from, including candy canes and even glow sprouts, the possibilities are endless!

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    Player Count:50
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    World Zero

    Play World Zero

    Explore a large but dangerous open world in World Zero, a game where you must conquer a series of different dungeons where lie vicious and threatening beasts. Upon arrival within the game, you have the option to choose of various starter classes, which will assist you in any early missions you take on. Through conquering the dungeons set out before you, not only will you be able to take down a range of fearsome bosses, but you will also have the ability to collect rare and interesting loot. You can then use this to upgrade your equipment as well as purchase new pets, all of which will help you in any future missions to decide to take on!

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    Player Count:4,301