Top 10 Roblox Building Games

Build until your heart's content.

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    Build a Boat for Treasure

    Play Build a Boat for Treasure

    Build a Boat for Treasure lets you design and sail your own ship, with the goal of finding the coveted *Treasure Chest*, which is filled with gold. Strengthen your boat with stronger materials to survive different environments you will encounter, with gold earned from previous missions. You can also create a team and build your boat with friends and other players, allowing you to combine items to make a more fortified ship. Use the shop to purchase exclusive items to make your boat faster and more unique, including balloons, harpoons, and even jet engines!

    9th in Most Popular 3rd in Best
    Build a Boat for Treasure icon
    Player Count:28,396
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    Retail Tycoon 2

    Play Retail Tycoon 2

    Become the manager of your very own superstore in Retail Tycoon 2, a unique and interactive tycoon which offers countless customisation possibilties. As you start off as the sole employee working in your cramped store, you'll find yourself performing all the necessary tasks to turn a profit. Whether that be stocking shelves or ordering more inventory, you'll need to make sure you're on top of things to keep your customers enticed. However, once you've started earning enough, you'll be able to high employees to fulfil all the tasks required that you were stuck with before. With all of your newly-earned cash you'll also be able to expand your store to include new departments, including clothing, electronics, and even musical instruments. Increase the size of your store over time and increase your income as you do so, in the hopes of becoming the richest tycoon owner in the game!

    3rd in Tycoon
    Retail Tycoon 2 icon
    Player Count:2,808
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    Plane Crazy

    Play Plane Crazy

    Test out the laws of physics in Plane Crazy, a game where you have the ability to design and construct your very own vehicle! From planes to rockets and cars to boats, whatever you choose to build is entirely up to you! Be careful however - whatever you decide to construct must be carefully engineered to suit its purpose. For example, if your plane is not designed to gain enough lift to take off, you will be finding yourself stuck back on the ground looking for where you went wrong. You also have the ability to be a bit more risky in the PvP game-mode - here you will follow the same guidelines as before, however this time will be facing off and battling it out with other players!

    Plane Crazy icon
    Player Count:2,947
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    Theme Park Tycoon 2

    Play Theme Park Tycoon 2

    Design and construct your very own theme park in Theme Park Tycoon 2! Whether that be by yourself or with your friends, the design and theme of your park is entirely up to you. Choose from a wide selection of different rides and attractions to offer to your guests, and decide the entry fee for both your park and your rides based on the quality you have applied! In addition to the rides you have built, you can also offer a range of different food and drinks booths to your guests, to make sure they don't get tired of going round and round on your attractions! Purchase more land if you run out, and slowly work your way up to having the biggest and most popular theme park in the game!

    2nd in Tycoon
    Player Count:5,678
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    Restaurant Tycoon 2

    Play Restaurant Tycoon 2

    In Restaurant Tycoon 2, you are in charge of your very own restaurant. With a large selection of cuisines to choose from, it's up to you to build and design your restaurant from the ground up. Decide what from what type of furniture best suits your menu, to the plants and paintings you want to decorate the place with. Hire your own employees to wait on customers and cook your food, and level them up over time to improve your customers' experience. Make sure to keep an eye on your ratings; if you don't keep your restaurant clean or provide good food you'll soon be losing customers!

    1st in Best 1st in Tycoon 16th in Most Popular
    Restaurant Tycoon 2 icon
    Player Count:17,584
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    Build to Survive Simulator

    Play Build to Survive Simulator

    Unlike many other fun and expansive building games out there on Roblox, Build to Survive Simulator blows other games out of the water and combines building with life-threatening entities and disasters! Within the game, you must construct a fort, whether that be alone or with friends, and defend yourself against various waves of different monsters! Starting off with more easy rounds with pretty harmless mobs, you must work your way up to constructing a base that can withstand the worst of monsters the game will throw at you. Upgrade walls, doors and lookout posts, and use the available weapons to make sure you survive until the next round!

    Build to Survive Simulator icon
    Player Count:4,696
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    Welcome to Bloxburg

    Play Welcome to Bloxburg

    Although not completely centred around building, Welcome to Bloxburg combines a unique neighbourhood setting with the creativity you may expect from other construction-based games. Starting off with no employment status, you have the ability to take on your very own paying job, and earn enough cash to purchase your first house. Through this process, you can then design and construct your very own house from the ground up. You can even invite friends over to visit and show off your newly constructed home and show them around the different rooms you have created. What type of walls, doors, and furniture you use in your own place is completely up to you - with hundreds of different items to choose from there are endless possibilities!

    4th in Most Popular
    Welcome to Bloxburg icon
    Player Count:52,672
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    Play RoCitizens

    RoCitizens puts you in the place of a resident in a large, open-world cityscape. You are able to start your first job, buy houses and cars, as well as start your own family. Earn money through your career and purchase new clothes from fashion stores and food from the supermarket. Make new friends and hang out at several destinations in-game, such as the public swimming pool or the swing park downtown. Host parties at your house to show off all of your cool and unique items, including rare paintings which can be purchased from the museum. You are even able to start a life of crime, with the ability to rob gas stations and banks. *But be careful* - police will be sure to track you down and put you behind bars!

    6th in RPG
    RoCitizens icon
    Player Count:1,580
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    Lumber Tycoon 2

    Play Lumber Tycoon 2

    Starting off with an overgrown forest, you must chop, saw and build your way up to becoming the richest lumber tycoon owner in the game! With a large amount of trees to start off with, you have the ability to create your very own clearing and construct your very own saw mill. From here, you can either sell the wood you've gathered, or sell and trade it with other players in the game. Checking out the in-game shop will also allow you to gain access to cool items, including furniture which can be used to deck out any of your amazing creations! With an unlimited amount of trees to chop down and thousands of other active players, there are countless construction opportunities in Lumber Tycoon 2!

    8th in Old
    Lumber Tycoon 2 icon
    Player Count:4,417
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    Miner's Haven

    Play Miner's Haven

    Create your own mining empire in Miner's Haven, a sandbox mining tycoon with hundreds of different routes to take. Start off with a small iron and silver mine, and begin to work your way up to gathering rarer ores, such as rubies and diamonds. Create research centers and purifiers to increase the value of items you have harvested, and sell them in the in-game shop to make your mines more efficient. You can even automate your mines with a huge selection of different conveyor belts, excavators and refiners. Compete with other players to become the richest in the game, and invite your friends over to show off all the cool items you have collected.

    Miner's Haven icon
    Player Count:232