Best Roblox Horror Games

Playing with the lights off: not recommended.

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    Dead Silence

    Play Dead Silence

    Dive into the unsolved mystery of Mary S, a young girl whose disappearance is yet to be explained. Start your journey off by exploring a series of underground sewer systems, and work your way up to above ground where you'll be able to explore a series of unique buildings and locations. With a variety of tasks to complete in order to progress further within the game, you'll need to keep a steady hand if you wish to make it through the night safely. Choose to play with up to 3 other players, or take the even more spine-chilling route and play the game alone. Filled with eerie sounds, different jump scares, as well as low light levels, this game is definitely not for the faint hearted.

    4th in Story
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    Player Count:205
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    Alone in a Dark House

    Play Alone in a Dark House

    As the name suggests, this game leaves you alone and isolated in an abandoned home, well-known for its haunting history. Taking on the role of a private detective, you must investigate the mysterious vehicle murder that took place here not too long ago. Whilst exploring the nearby village as well as different houses, you must piece together and solve the mystery, whilst uncovering new and devastating secrets about the victims. Only being able to be played in single-player, this game will be sure to haunt you to your core.

    6th in Story
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    Player Count:154
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    Face your fears in It Lurks, a single-player horror game where you must solve a series of different tasks in order to survive and defeat the monsters that await. Taking place in the dead of night, you must work alone in investigating strange noises from the basement, as well as odd occurrences around the house. Split up into multiple chapters, progressing to the next means you must complete the sets of tasks laid out in the previous. Failing to do so means you must restart the chapter - reliving the nightmare you just had to put yourself through.

    It Lurks icon
    Player Count:70
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    The Mirror

    Play The Mirror

    As innocent as the name may sound, The Mirror is definitely not one to be underestimated. Playing on certain psychological phenomena that can be seen true in real life, you must keep your head straight if you wish to last in this game. With only one task, to stare at the mirror set out before you, the game may seem easy at first. As the minutes pass however, the reflections will begin to change and distort to various disturbing images. If you've been looking for a game to test your psychological strength and push it to its limits, The Mirror is the perfect game for you.

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    Player Count:19
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    Based on various urban legends as well as Japanese history, The Mimic explores different haunting themes whilst providing you with an engaging experience. The Mimic, an entity with the ability to possess and control anyone of their choosing, is found to be lurking at your school. After discovering your immunity to their curses, you must explore their realm and uncover secrets unknown to anyone before. With various chapters and different characters to take the role of, this game has a very detailed and haunting storyline, creepy enough to give even the bravest nightmares.

    The Mimic icon
    Player Count:4,125
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    Put your life on the line in Piggy, a mystery and survival based horror game where you must follow a set of hidden clues in order to survive. Placed within an isolated location without any means of contact, you and a few others players must search throughout the map in hopes of finding a means of escape. If you didn't think that was stressful enough, you must do all of this whilst on the run from a deadly and blood-thirsty pig. With limited lighting and a hindered viewing distance, you'll never know how long until you become Piggy's next victim.

    8th in Most Popular
    Piggy icon
    Player Count:33,528
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    As calm as the name Granny may sound, the game is far from it. Once you join the game, you are placed within an isolated cabin along with a group of 5 other players. You and these other players must figure how out to escape by completing a series of complex puzzles, whilst trying to survive Granny who is slowly hunting you down. With a limited amount of time to escape, you must work together to make sure all of you make it out alive. Or else.. the Granny will get you.

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    Player Count:0
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    Stop it, Slender!

    Play Stop it, Slender!

    Based off of the famous tale of Slender-man, this game puts you in the role of an innocent civilian on the run from a mysterious entity. Set in the dead of night with a limited set of supplies, you must explore the nearby abandoned village and forest in the hopes of finding the "missing pages". With these items, you will be able to find a way out of the town you find yourself stranded in, and the evil grasp of Slender-man who is slowly hunting you down.

    Stop it,  Slender! icon
    Player Count:122
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    Explore a seemingly endless IKEA furniture hall, filled with different room showcases and newly released furniture. During the day time all seems well, with a well-lit pathway illuminated before you. As night falls however, the store is plunged into darkness, and possessed employees are unleashed to those who remain after opening hours. With only the furniture around you to defend yourself with, you must construct a safe house with any others that you trust and hope that you survive until the morning.

    5th in Best
    3008 icon
    Player Count:12,743
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    Breaking Point

    Play Breaking Point

    In this murder-mystery based survival game, you must compete with a group of other players in a series of complex challenges, in order to become the last one standing. Set in an isolated room, you are placed around a large table with all the other competitors sat alongside you. Depending on the mini-game selected, you must think wisely about who you trust and the tactics you decide to use. With different minigames such as "Who Did It", "Duck Duck Stab", as well as "Free For All", no one strategy will suit every mode you find yourself in.

    Breaking Point icon
    Player Count:5,214