Top 10 Roblox VR Games

These games are virtually the best.

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    Cook Burgers

    Play Cook Burgers

    Live the life of a fast-food worker in Cook Burgers, an interactive cooking experience where you get to serve customers a wide range of different menu items prepared by yourself. Available in both VR and the regular first person perspective, you have the ability to choose between which play-style you think suits you the best. From ordering supplies for the kitchen, to taking and preparing orders for hungry customers, you have the ability to work wherever you so choose within the fast-food restaurant. Make sure to keep an eye on the food preparation however - leaving it alone can cause fires as well as attract rats which will pinch any food they can find!

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    Player Count:3,061
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    Self-Driving Simulator

    Play Self-Driving Simulator

    Take a break from the driving seat in Self-Driving Simulator, a fun hangout-based game where you and a group of friends can enjoy a hassle-free road trip. With spots for up to 5 people in a singular vehicle, you can enjoy the view out of the window whilst the driving is completely taken care of. Control the radio, select the time of day, as well as customise the exterior of the car to however you see fit. Whether you enjoy sunset driving or simply blasting out tunes in the car with friends, there's certainly something for everyone in Self-Driving Simulator.

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    Player Count:160
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    Project SCP

    Play Project SCP

    Now available in VR, Project SCP lets you assume the role of either a Researcher, Facility Guard, or a D-Class entity within a top-secret government facility. As either a Researcher or a Facility Guard, your sole objective is to escape the facility which has currently had a contaiment breach, allowing D-Class entities to escape. As a D-Class entity however, your goal is to hunt down all remaining human lifeforms and prevent anyone from escaping. With little time until lockdown and the constant fear that you might be being followed, do you think you have what it takes to work as a team and escape the facility before its too late?

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    Player Count:118
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    Designed specifically for VR players, VR Hands offers a wide range of different activities for all you virtual reality fans to try out. Whether that be completing a series of complex parkour courses or simply testing out a set of comically large hands, there's definitely something for everyone to experiment with. If you're looking for more of a challenge however, VR Hands also offers a virtual reality chess and ping pong simulator, for all of you competitive players out there. Practise your skills on the countless different games available and become the best virtual reality player in the game!

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    Player Count:654
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    Ragdoll Simulator

    Play Ragdoll Simulator

    As the title of the game may suggest, Ragdoll Simulator allows you to mess around with the physics of Roblox, giving you multiple different commands to experiment with. One of the main ways to test out the physics is to enable the ragdoll mode, where your body will move freely based on how it interacts with other objects within the game. In addition to the ragdoll mode, the game also offers anti-grav mode, different potion effects, as well as weapons to use against other players. Drive cars into others to see how they'll react, and launch rockets from your RPG as well to blast other players into the sky!

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    Player Count:2,414
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    Sound Space

    Play Sound Space

    Taking inspiration from the popular Beat Saber videogame, Sound Space combines VR gameplay with a fun rhythm-based game. Created especially for the VR audience, Sound Space challenges you to click a series of different "blocks" in tune to the audio being played. For beginners there's the easy mode where you'll find the blocks moving in at a slower pace, however if you're looking for more a of a challenge the game offers the hard difficulty, where blocks will move in at rapid speeds and will force you to restart if you don't meet the required accuracy. With loads of different levels to complete and various songs to play along to, you'll be sure to get lost in the rhythmic fun of Sound Space!

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    Player Count:294
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    Play Paranormica

    Available and catered towards both VR and regular-perspective users, Paranormica will be sure to frighten even the bravest of ghost-hunters. Whilst working within a team of up to five other players, you must venture out into various haunted locations to hunt down a series of ghosts. Using different ghost hunting tools as well as a guidebook to the types of ghosts you might encounter, you must track down any paranormal activity you can find whilst completing side quests along the way. With over 10 different types of ghosts and not all of them being friendly, you'll want to work together as a team if you hope to make it back to your ghost-hunting lab safely.

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    Player Count:568
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    VR Islands

    Play VR Islands

    Allowing players to create their own rules and move around freely in the world of VR, VR Islands invites you and your friends to simply chill out and have fun with other players on your very own set of islands. Whether that be playing the piano, challening others to games of paintball, or even testing out a series of medieval weaponry, there are countless different VR-related items to try out and experiment with within the game. Although non-VR players are able to play the game, it is strongly advised to try it out with VR to fully experience and utilise the different options that are available to you!

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    Player Count:29
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    Cleaning Simulator

    Play Cleaning Simulator

    As boring as the name may sound, Cleaning Simulator will certainly entice you to carry on playing with its unique methods of gameplay. Starting off within the game will prompt you to apply for a cleaning apprenticeship, where you'll get to practise your various different cleaning techniques as well as being able to explore the map set out before you. Whether you work alone or with other players is entirely up to you - however to get jobs done quicker having more hands will definitely speed up the process! Although this game is available to non-VR players, playing with a VR headset is certainly recommended to fully enjoy the immersive cleaning experience!

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    Player Count:323
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    Paranormal VR

    Play Paranormal VR

    Set during the dead of night within an isolated surburban home, Paranormal VR will certainly frighten the bravest of thrill seekers with its combination of classic horror and VR technology. Having just returned from your job within the game, you'll begin to hear noises coming from upstairs within your home. Curious to discover the source of the sounds above, you'll begin to journey upstairs, unaware of the horrors that await. From here on in the investigation process is completely up to you, and whether you decide to head back downstairs or face what's waiting in the dark is in your hands. Unlike many other Roblox horror games out there, Paranormal VR is known to terrify even the most experienced horror fans, with its blend of haunting imagery and its unique usage of the different senses.

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    Player Count:0