Top 10 Roblox Obby Games

Certified hardcore parkour.

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    Tower of Hell

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    Can you handle the pressure in the extremely challenging Tower of Hell Roblox game? The limited time and the highly difficult levels in this game will surely have you biting your nails. In this game, your goal is to reach the top of a tower that is randomly generated within the game. So, the obstacles will never be the same. What’s even more concerning is that you only have 8 minutes to get there. But, the troubles don’t end there. When a player gets to the top, the timer speeds up for the rest of the players, making it even more difficult to get there in time. Luckily, you can earn coins which you can use to purchase various items that will make your climb easier.

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    The Really Easy Obby

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    Think most Roblox obbies are just a bit too difficult these days? The Really Easy Obby blows this idea out of the water, providing you with relatively simple yet very fun stages. In addition to this, players have the ability to purchase skip passes, allowing you to progress ahead to the next level when you can't seem to complete the current stage. With a wide variety of different and completely unique levels to complete, you certainly won't tire of finishing each level in The Really Easy Obby!

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    Player Count:56
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    Escape Prison Obby!

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    Unlike many other Roblox obbies out there, Escape Prison Obby puts you in the role of an imprisoned criminal, stuck with a life sentence in one of the toughest prisons known to man. In the hopes of seeing the outside world once again, you must complete a series of complex and unique obby stages, all whilst making sure you don't get caught out by guards! With different locations to explore along the way, including sewers and old mining systems, Escape Prison Obby keeps you interested whilst providing you with unique stages. Along your escape route you also have the opportunity to collect coins which can be spent in the in-game shop, as well as badges to show off to other players on your Roblox profile!

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    Player Count:5,552
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    Escape Inflatable Obby!

    Play Escape Inflatable Obby!

    For a safer alternative to other dangerous and life threatening obbies out there on Roblox, try out Escape Inflatable Obby, a course which provides you with safer stages and easier checkpoints to reach. With vibrant colours and unique biomes to explore, you won't get bored of reaching the next stage and finding out what awaits at the next checkpoint. With every stage completed the game will also award you with a bouncy point, used to climb the in-game leaderboards and to show off to other players!

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    Player Count:3,427
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    Super Parkour Obby 500

    Play Super Parkour Obby 500

    As the name may suggest, this obby challenges you with completing a selection of 500 different parkour levels! Starting off relatively easy with simple jumps and obstacles to avoid, the game slowly raises the difficulty level and provides you with a variety of more complex and punishing levels to complete. Don't worry too much though; after every completed stage the game does grant you the ability to set a checkpoint, allowing you to have unlimited attempts at any stage you so choose. In addition to this, skip passes can also be purchased, during those times where that one level just seems impossible to defeat!

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    Player Count:5,181
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    Escape the Carnival of Terror Obby!

    Play Escape the Carnival of Terror Obby!

    If you are looking for a complex yet frightening Roblox obby that will spook you to your core, Carnival of Terror will definitely satisfy your needs, providing you with a difficult yet haunting series of parkour challenges. Imprisoned by an evil clown at a spooky carnival location, you must complete a variety of life-threatening obby stages in the hopes of escaping the clown's evil grasp for good. With different environments for each stage you progress to, as well as the occasional jump-scare to keep you on your toes, Escape The Carnival of Terror Obby will definitely stand out from any other obbies out there!

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    Player Count:3,479
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    Troll Obby

    Play Troll Obby

    With a lot of obbies on Roblox nowadays becoming quite predictable, Troll Obby helps to solve this problem by bringing fresh and unique takes on classic Roblox courses to the table. Where before lay obvious solutions to different challenges set out within a course, now you must think outside of the box and work out new ways on how to progress to the next level. Whether it be deciphering which invisible path to take or whether or not stepping on lava is the right option, Troll Obby will definitely keep you enticed with its stand-out obstacles and challenges.

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    Player Count:2,011
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    Escape Freddy's Mansion!

    Play Escape Freddy's Mansion!

    Trapped within a haunted mansion isolated from any other civilisation, you must find a way to escape if you wish to live to see another day. Through finding a way out, you must overcome a series of complex obstacles and traps which stand in your way. To add onto this already frightening experience, you are also slowly being hunted down by Freddy, an evil and blood-thirsty entity which will stop at nothing to make sure you don't make it out alive.

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    Player Count:2,884
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    Escape McDonalds Obby!

    Play Escape McDonalds Obby!

    Just when you couldn't think McDonald's couldn't get any more chaotic, the Escape McDonalds Obby lets you assume the role of an innocent customer, trapped within a local McDonald's branch along with a very angry manager. In order to escape the manager's wrath, you must complete a set of difficult and tiresome obstacles, all whilst making sure you don't get caught by the manager. With a variety of different locations to explore along the way, including a McDonald's Playpark and even a McDonald's planet, this game will keep you interested whilst you try to escape McDonald's with your body in one piece!

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    Player Count:1,410
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    Mega Fun Obby

    Play Mega Fun Obby

    Think you've got what it takes to be the ultimate parkour master? Why not try out Mega Fun Obby, a parkour-based game with over 2,400 different levels to try out. With each level having different themes, colors, and techniques, you'll always be encountering something new when you progress through each level. You can even purchase pets using points earned, which will accompany you around as you advance through the different stages. If you ever feel a certain level is too difficult, you can always use one of the free skips granted to you at the start of the game to progress to the next!

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    Player Count:233