Top 10 Roblox Role Playing Games

Are you a knight, a princess, or a frog? You decide!

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    Dungeon Quest

    Play Dungeon Quest

    Take on the role of brave knight in Dungeon Quest, a large multiplayer role-playing game where you have the chance to explore a series of dangerous caves and dungeons! Starting off as a lowly knight at spawn, you must take on and clear out a selection of lower-risk dungeons, collecting loot and upgrading your character as you go. The further you progress through the game, the better items and weapons you will be able to purchase, making any future adventures more trouble-free. You can also invite friends and other players to come on journeys with you, especially if there are some levels that you just can't seem to complete alone!

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    Player Count:2,170
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    Fantastic Frontier

    Play Fantastic Frontier

    Explore and conquer a large open-world map set out before you in Fantastic Frontier, a multiplayer roleplaying game that combines medieval history with mythical creatures. With a limited set of weapons and tools given to you as you start out, you must battle it out with different creatures and beasts in various locations across the map. You can also complete a range of tasks given to you by NPCs along the way, and earn cool rewards as you do so. Once you have a enough, you can spend your hard-earned loot on new weapons, armour, or even a home for yourself, and show off to other players how brave a hero you really are!

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    Player Count:114
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    Royale High

    Play Royale High

    Follow your dreams in Royale High, a fantasy-based roleplaying game where you can design your very own character and earn rewards as you play. Explore various magical locations as you traverse a large map set out before you, and play different games as you reach new areas of the map. Through the games you play you have the chance to earn diamonds, a currency that you can use to upgrade your character or spend in the in-game shop! You can also attend Royale High School, a place where you can attend a wide variety of classes, and earn rewards as you do so which can gain you access to special items to show off to other players!

    3rd in Most Popular 8th in Best
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    Player Count:56,636
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    Experience life within a nuclear wasteland in Anomic, a multiplayer roleplaying game where you must adapt to the new harsh conditions that now face the world around you. With just the clothes on your back and very little money to your name to begin with, you must work your way up the new anarchist hierarchy in order to survive. Follow the law by getting a job with some services in town, or become an outlaw and commit crimes to make a living, With a large open world map to explore, as well as houses, weapons and vehicles to purchase, Anomic will keep you busy with a whole range of activities to take part in.

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    Player Count:775
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    Super Hero Life III

    Play Super Hero Life III

    Design your very own super-hero in Super Hero Life III, and protect the world from any villains that try to wreak havoc! Patrol around the city to see if there is any trouble, and use your customizable super powers to battle it out with other players to see who is truly the most powerful. Team up with friends to improve your chances in duels and change your abilities as you see fit. If you're feeling particularly daring, you can leave RP mode and join PVP mode. Here you will lose health based on the damage inflicted, and have the chance to die at the hands of any enemies you come across. Make sure your super-hero skills are up to scratch or you may find yourself not lasting very long in these new and dangerous battles!

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    Player Count:23
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    Play RoCitizens

    RoCitizens puts you in the place of a resident in a large, open-world cityscape. You are able to start your first job, buy houses and cars, as well as start your own family. Earn money through your career and purchase new clothes from fashion stores and food from the supermarket. Make new friends and hang out at several destinations in-game, such as the public swimming pool or the swing park downtown. Host parties at your house to show off all of your cool and unique items, including rare paintings which can be purchased from the museum. You are even able to start a life of crime, with the ability to rob gas stations and banks. *But be careful* - police will be sure to track you down and put you behind bars!

    8th in Building
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    Player Count:1,580
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    In Jailbreak, you are able to live the life of a police officer, *or* of a highly wanted prison escapee. As a cop, you can stop robberies and put escaped prisoners behind bars, whilst collecting large bounties as you go. As a prisoner, you must orchestrate a plan to escape prison, and then once "out", live the life of a criminal: stealing cars and performing burglaries. Whether you're a police officer or a prisoner, there is a vast open world map to explore, and you can travel by foot or from within one of the 40-odd vehicles available to drive. Protect yourself by purchasing weapons from gun stores across the map, and open crates in-game to earn cool skins for your car. Plan heists with friends and other players, and slowly become the richest player in the game.

    19th in Most Popular
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    Player Count:15,094
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    Heroes Online

    Play Heroes Online

    In Heroes Online, the choice is yours: do you become a Hero, or do you live the life of a Villain? As a Hero, you are able to defend citizens in various different open-world maps, and make sure the Villains remain under control. Protect cities and the countryside from the dangerous acts of the Villains and use your new-found abilities to help those who need it. As a Villain, you'll be up against the Heroes: trying to cause havoc and hopefully putting an end to their attempts to keep the citizens of Roblox free from danger and injustice. Level up your character by winning duels with other players, and purchase gear in the shop for strong weapons which will help you in your battles.

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    Player Count:930
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    The Wild West

    Play The Wild West

    Try your luck in The Wild West, a typical Western-themed Roblox game where you have the ability to live the life in the American West and roleplay with other players. Whether you become a fearsome cowboy, criminal outlaw, or even a kill-hungry bounty hunter, is all completely up to you. Through hunting down outlaws, robbing banks, and also mining for gold out in the mountains, you can build up your wealth and slowly become the richest player in the game. With a huge open-world and detailed map to explore, The Wild West will certainly satsify all players who are looking for the ultimate roleplaying experience.

    9th in FPS
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    Player Count:6,608
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    Boku no Roblox

    Play Boku no Roblox

    Boku no Roblox is a game that was inspired by the My Hero Academia anime. In this sandbox world, you are faced with the choice of two questions: Do you want to be a hero, and save the planet from destruction? *Or...* do you want to become a villain, and fulfil your own evil desires by destroying it? With a character fuelled by special powers known as quirks, a big world to explore, and stats to level up, the choice is yours to act on.

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    Player Count:108