The 10 Oldest Roblox Games

They're older than Roblox Den!

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    Apocalypse Rising

    Play Apocalypse Rising

    Created all the way back in 2008, Apocalypse Rising's gameplay still holds up to today's standards with regular updates since its initial release. Although having been surpassed by the newly-released Apocalypse Rising 2 game, the original will definitely not disappoint. Within the game, you have the ability to explore a large open-world map where you will find zombies around every corner. Find weapons, repair vehicles, and build your very own base either alone or with other players. Be careful though - you will soon find other players can be even more dangerous than zombies, and will need to be sure about who you really trust.

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    Player Count:123
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    Work at a Pizza Place

    Play Work at a Pizza Place

    Although the game's title may not sound very interesting, the game itself will be sure to keep you enticed with various different interactive elements. Start off your pizza journey by getting yourself employed at the local pizza restaurant, and work with other players to make sure you meet all the orders placed by customers. For all the hard work that you put in you will receive a monthly pay check, which can be spent in the in-game shop. You also have the ability to have your own house which can be upgraded and furnished the more you play, where you can host parties and even take time off!

    14th in Most Popular 4th in Best
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    Player Count:19,838
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    Base Wars!

    Play Base Wars!

    Choose a team and join an endless battle in Base Wars, a fast-paced war simulator where you have the objective of capturing checkpoints for your team in order to claim a victory! Although created all the way back in 2009, the game receives numerous updates every month, helping it keep up with many other Roblox FPS and shooter games out there. Once in the game and have a team selected, you will have the chance to select a loadout with a wide range of different weapons and armour available to you. When you're ready, you're able to be deployed into the battlefield, where you can also select a vehicle to accompany you as you attempt to capture all of the checkpoints!

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    Player Count:146
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    Sword Fights on the Heights IV

    Play Sword Fights on the Heights IV

    If you're looking for more of a nostalgia trip in contrast to many of the regularly-updated Roblox games out there, Sword Fights on the Heights IV is the perfect game for you. With the sole objective of taking out all other players in the game with a sword you have been given, this game will be sure to win you over with its unique charm and simple gameplay. With a small yet enticing map to roam around on, you'll find that not only do you have the risk of falling to your death, but you also have to avoid many other hidden booby-traps scattered across the place as well!

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    Player Count:5
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    Classic: Crossroads

    Play Classic: Crossroads

    Developed by Roblox staff members themselves and published all the way back in 2007, Classic: Crossroads is one of the games that all veteran players will surely have heard of. With a very simple and quite small map to explore, you are given the objective of taking out any other player that isn't on your team. With a series of different weapons to utilise, both ranged and melee, you will find that there are countless new and creative ways to stop enemies in their tracks.

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    Player Count:2
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    Released all the way back in 2008, Roblox Titanic has been updated regularly since its original release, with numerous new additions and game changes. Although the game has changed significantly in comparison to when it started out, there are older versions of the game available to be played if you're looking for that much-needed nostalgia trip. Within the game, you can watch the ship sink as water slowly rises through the decks, filling different rooms and corridors as it goes. Whether you become a passenger, coal worker, or even a crew member, is all up to you. Be careful not to get trapped on lower decks, and hold on as the ship splits in two! Earn points by surviving and spend these points on new items to use in the shop, as well as different filters you can apply to your game. You can even try to save the ship by working with other players to steer the Titanic away from the iceberg, and help the ship reach its original destination in New York.

    9th in Survival
    Titanic icon
    Player Count:1,179
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    Armored Patrol

    Play Armored Patrol

    Enter the battlefield in Armored Patrol, a military-based simulator where you have the ability to take control of a range of different vehicles, aiming to control the in-game flags whilst making sure you don't get taken out by the enemy! As each new round begins you'll find the map also changes - hills will appear and disappear, with new hidden locations added which can used to catch the enemy off guard. Defence towers can also be built across the map with different weapons set up to help protect them, in the hopes of making sure no enemies get past you. Capture more flags than the enemy team before the time runs out to make sure you achieve a victory!

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    Player Count:160
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    Lumber Tycoon 2

    Play Lumber Tycoon 2

    Starting off with an overgrown forest, you must chop, saw and build your way up to becoming the richest lumber tycoon owner in the game! With a large amount of trees to start off with, you have the ability to create your very own clearing and construct your very own saw mill. From here, you can either sell the wood you've gathered, or sell and trade it with other players in the game. Checking out the in-game shop will also allow you to gain access to cool items, including furniture which can be used to deck out any of your amazing creations! With an unlimited amount of trees to chop down and thousands of other active players, there are countless construction opportunities in Lumber Tycoon 2!

    9th in Building
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    Player Count:4,417
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    Hide and Seek

    Play Hide and Seek

    As the title may imply, this game is all about hiding from a randomly chosen seeker, hoping not to be found before the timer runs out. With each new round comes a new and randomly chosen map, so you will need to keep on your toes if you hope to find a seemingly safe hiding location. Staying quiet and keeping away from other players will help improve your chances of surviving, but once you've been found, you will be forced to exit the round and head back to the lobby. As you win more rounds as either hider or seeker, you will earn points, which can be spent in the in-game shop on various items which may help you in the any future rounds to come!

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    Player Count:5
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    The Neighborhood of Robloxia

    Play The Neighborhood of Robloxia

    Heavily based on the original Welcome to the Town of Robloxia game, The Neighborhood of Robloxia is a fun role-playing game where you get to explore a town, have a job, and even own a house! Starting off in the game will allow you to choose a job, ranging from police officers and chefs, all the way to teachers in the local school! After earning enough cash from your new job, you'll have the opportunity to purchase a house and deck it out with whatever furniture you so choose. With the option to invite friends over to your house, as well as the ability to purchase a car from the local dealership, you'll be sure to have endless fun as you explore the town that awaits!

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    Player Count:1,110