Top 10 Roblox Zombie Games

ARRRffffggg ahhhh grrrr.... (zombie speak for "these games are good!")

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    Zombie Uprising

    Play Zombie Uprising

    If you're feeling like getting away from the many player against player games out there on Roblox, Zombie Uprising brings a fresh take to the FPS selection currently available. Placed within a randomly chosen arena-style map, you and a team of other players must fend off against countless hordes of zombies. With each wave progressively getting harder as you complete the previous, teamwork is vital if you hope to survive the round in one piece. With a wide variety of different maps, upgradable weapons, as well as different types of zombies to take out, Zombie Uprising will be sure to keep you enticed!

    5th in FPS 6th in Survival
    Zombie Uprising icon
    Player Count:7,489
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    Project Lazarus

    Play Project Lazarus

    Defend a series of different locations against endless hordes of zombies in Project Lazarus! Heavily inspired by the Call of Duty Zombies gamemode, Project Lazarus isolates you away from any means of help in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. Together with other players also stranded with you, you must barricade and defend your new safezone against any undead intruders. Purchase new weapons, unlock useful perks, and revive any injured team-mates in the hopes of reaching the next round in one piece.

    10th in Survival
    Project Lazarus  icon
    Player Count:1,640
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    Those Who Remain

    Play Those Who Remain

    In a world overrun by zombies, you and a team of other armed survivors must complete a series of 15 waves of zombies, which threaten a selection of different locations randomly chosen from at the start of each round. As you complete more and more waves each round you'll find newer zombies are slowly being added to the mix, with certain ones proving a lot more deadly, including sprinter and boomer zombies which will threaten you with poisonous gas. With each kill and wave survived you will also earn coins which can be spent in the in-game shop. Using these coins will grant you access to brand new firearms and melee weapons, assisting you in any future battles you may have against undead enemies.

    4th in Survival
    Those Who Remain icon
    Player Count:484
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    Zombie Stories

    Play Zombie Stories

    Taking a break from the quite repetitive wave-based zombie games out there, Zombie Stories provides a fresh and fun zombie-battling experience for players. As the title of the game may suggest, you and a team of other survivors get to follow a story-line where you will encounter zombies along the way. Working together with your team-mates to take out the undead and complete each level is vital, and in doing so will grant you access to further exciting story-lines. Through every successful mission you complete, not only will you unlock further levels to complete, but you will also be able to unlock and purchase new weapons in the in-game shop to assist you in your future zombie-slaying adventures!

    Zombie Stories  icon
    Player Count:496
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    Zombie Attack

    Play Zombie Attack

    Withstand endless waves of zombies in Zombie Attack, a unique and enticing zombie slaying experience. After a randomly selected map is chosen, you and a group of other players are thrown into a zombie-infested zone where you must take out as many undead enemies as possible in order to survive. Through every zombie kill and wave completed, your character will earn coins and XP, which will allow you to unlock and purchase more powerful weapons in the shop. If you're looking for a more difficult gamemode to properly challenge your zombie killing abilties, reaching level 50 will grant you access to the *Hard* gamemode, where you'll face more powerful zombies and even zombie bosses!

    Zombie Attack icon
    Player Count:3,813
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    Field Trip Z

    Play Field Trip Z

    As you start your first day at school in Field Trip Z, all seems to be going as planned as you head to scheduled lessons and interact with other like-minded students. However, as the day progresses, the school day begins to grow stranger and stranger as timetables are altered and military begin to roll out outside the building. Before you even have time to prepare, you will find yourself amidst a zombie apocalypse, where your new and only goal is to survive. Follow the interactive and adaptable story line as you find new ways to escape the flesh-eating monsters that await, and team-up with other players in the hopes of living to see another day.

    1st in Story
    Field Trip Z icon
    Player Count:2,425
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    MMC Zombies Project

    Play MMC Zombies Project

    Inspired by the very popular Call of Duty: World at War zombie game-mode, MMC Zombies Project puts you up against the toughest zombie hordes you've come across yet. Starting off with weaker weapons and not much room to work with, you'll find that this zombie game is definitely not for the casual zombie fan. Taking out zombies and completing waves will grant you and your team-mates cash, which can be spent on either new weapons, perks, or unlocking new areas of the map. *Be warned however* - opening up new locations will create larger hordes, and you may find yourself becoming overwhelmed by the undead very easily. Work together with your team and revive others when necessary, and see if you can beat the record for the most waves survived in MMC Zombies Project!

    MMC Zombies Project icon
    Player Count:197
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    Zombie Outbreak

    Play Zombie Outbreak

    Much like many of the other zombie games out there, Zombie Outbreak puts you and a group of other survives against endless waves of zombies. However, after you find yourself becoming a zombie's dinner, you'll find yourself turning into and joining the undead team. Instead of now helping out and protecting other survivors, your new goal is to make sure none of them see it through to the next round. With upgradable weapons, various zombie types to play as, and a wide range of different maps to try out, this game will be sure to keep you coming back for more.

    Zombie Outbreak icon
    Player Count:55
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    Zombie Tag

    Play Zombie Tag

    In Zombie Tag, you'll find that there are two possible teams for you to be a part of. One is the survivors, where you'll have to face off against countless levels of different zombies in order to make it to the next round alive. The other, however, is the zombie team. Here you will find the roles reversed, and your sole goal is to make sure no humans survive and progress any further within the game. Unlock new weapons as a human through taking out the undead and completing rounds, assisting you with the ever increasing hordes to come. With each team randomised at the start of each round, you'll need to be careful who you trust if you hope to live to see another day.

    Zombie Tag icon
    Player Count:231
  • 10

    Zombie Defense Tycoon!

    Play Zombie Defense Tycoon!

    Thrown into the middle of a zombie apocalypse, you'll find the only way to survive the new world is by constructing a fortified compound from the ground up. With just a few resources and minerals to your name, you'll have to start earning income from your tycoon to upgrade your base to fit the oncoming zombie hordes. Construct higher walls, different watchtowers, as well as powerful defense systems, all in the hopes of preventing undead intruders from coming inside of your base. With progressively harder waves of oncoming zombies, do you think you have what it takes to outlast the zombie apocalypse in Zombie Defense Tycoon?

    10th in Tycoon
    Zombie Defense Tycoon! icon
    Player Count:296