Top 10 Roblox Survival Games

For those who enjoy a struggle with zombies, lava, desert islands and the like.

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    Natural Disaster Survival

    Play Natural Disaster Survival

    Test your survival skills against some of the deadliest disasters known to man in Natural Disaster Survival! Isolated on a small island at the start of each round, you and a group of other players must find different ways to survive as randomly selected disasters take over the island you are stranded on. Whether that be reaching high ground to avoid a tsnuami or taking cover to shelter away from acid rain, you must quickly adapt to the catastrophes you find yourself in in order to survive. Surviving each round successfully will increase your total win count - this in turn will be updated on the leaderboard where you can show off your survival skills to other players!

    6th in Best
    Natural Disaster Survival icon
    Player Count:10,538
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    Flee the Facility

    Play Flee the Facility

    Inspired by the very popular Dead by Daylight survival game, Flee the Facility traps you in an underground facility where you and a group of other players are slowly being hunted down by a blood-thirsty beast. In order to escape, you must complete a series of different challenges and obsatcles, with each slowly bringing you closer and closer to the exit. With different maps being selected each round to randomise the challenges, do you think you have the skills required to find a way out and flee the facility?

    Flee the Facility icon
    Player Count:13,258
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    Build a Boat to Survive!

    Play Build a Boat to Survive!

    Build a Boat to Survive lets you design and sail your own ship, with the goal of finding the coveted *Treasure Chest*, which is filled with gold. Strengthen your boat with stronger materials to survive different environments you will encounter, with gold earned from previous missions. You can also create a team and build your boat with friends and other players, allowing you to combine items to make a more fortified ship. Use the shop to purchase exclusive items to make your boat faster and more unique, including balloons, harpoons, and even jet engines!

    Build a Boat to Survive! icon
    Player Count:4,006
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    Those Who Remain

    Play Those Who Remain

    In a world overrun by zombies, you and a team of other armed survivors must complete a series of 15 waves of zombies, which threaten a selection of different locations randomly chosen from at the start of each round. As you complete more and more waves each round you'll find newer zombies are slowly being added to the mix, with certain ones proving a lot more deadly, including sprinter and boomer zombies which will threaten you with poisonous gas. With each kill and wave survived you will also earn coins which can be spent in the in-game shop. Using these coins will grant you access to brand new firearms and melee weapons, assisting you in any future battles you may have against undead enemies.

    3rd in Zombie
    Those Who Remain icon
    Player Count:484
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    In Sharkbite, players are able to set sail on the open sea, with a large selection of boats to choose from. However, this is no ordinary sailing trip. One player is selected to become *The Shark* and must do whatever it takes to make sure no other player survives. As a sailor, you have the ability to take down The Shark with a variety of weapons available to you. Invite players to your own boat before the round starts to ensure you have enough firepower to survive. Earn money each round survived to purchase larger and stronger boats, as well as more powerful weapons and cool skins to show off when playing as The Shark.

    Sharkbite icon
    Player Count:1,674
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    Zombie Uprising

    Play Zombie Uprising

    If you're feeling like getting away from the many player against player games out there on Roblox, Zombie Uprising brings a fresh take to the FPS selection currently available. Placed within a randomly chosen arena-style map, you and a team of other players must fend off against countless hordes of zombies. With each wave progressively getting harder as you complete the previous, teamwork is vital if you hope to survive the round in one piece. With a wide variety of different maps, upgradable weapons, as well as different types of zombies to take out, Zombie Uprising will be sure to keep you enticed!

    1st in Zombie 5th in FPS
    Zombie Uprising icon
    Player Count:7,489
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    Survive a Plane Crash

    Play Survive a Plane Crash

    As the title may suggest, this game lets you assume the role of an innocent passenger caught up in a potentially fatal plane crash. As the engines fail and the plane begins to fall out of the sky, you and your fellow passengers must scavenge the plane for any supplies that may help you in your survival efforts. With difficult conditions as well as a very limited amount of time to get your survival preparations in order, Survive a Plane Crash will be sure to put your survival and adaptation techniques to the test!

    Survive a Plane Crash icon
    Player Count:183
  • 8

    Flood Escape 2

    Play Flood Escape 2

    Take on Flood Escape 2, a game where you and 11 other players are trapped in a room which is slowly filling with water. Complete a series of parkour courses to escape as the water level continues to rise, and be careful not to fall too far behind! Earn XP and coins as you complete each course and use these to buy items in the in-game shop. Purchase different types of auras, skins and emotes to taunt those players who were not fortunate enough to make it through the previous round. If you complete enough courses you may earn enough XP to gain a spot on the leaderboards, where the top 20 are visible to every player that joins the game!

    Flood Escape 2 icon
    Player Count:683
  • 9

    Released all the way back in 2008, Roblox Titanic has been updated regularly since its original release, with numerous new additions and game changes. Although the game has changed significantly in comparison to when it started out, there are older versions of the game available to be played if you're looking for that much-needed nostalgia trip. Within the game, you can watch the ship sink as water slowly rises through the decks, filling different rooms and corridors as it goes. Whether you become a passenger, coal worker, or even a crew member, is all up to you. Be careful not to get trapped on lower decks, and hold on as the ship splits in two! Earn points by surviving and spend these points on new items to use in the shop, as well as different filters you can apply to your game. You can even try to save the ship by working with other players to steer the Titanic away from the iceberg, and help the ship reach its original destination in New York.

    6th in Old
    Titanic icon
    Player Count:1,179
  • 10

    Project Lazarus

    Play Project Lazarus

    Defend a series of different locations against endless hordes of zombies in Project Lazarus! Heavily inspired by the Call of Duty Zombies gamemode, Project Lazarus isolates you away from any means of help in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. Together with other players also stranded with you, you must barricade and defend your new safezone against any undead intruders. Purchase new weapons, unlock useful perks, and revive any injured team-mates in the hopes of reaching the next round in one piece.

    2nd in Zombie
    Project Lazarus  icon
    Player Count:1,640