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All current and previous game codes for Bakery Tycoon on Roblox.

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The codes on this page are for Bakery Tycoon. Click the following if you're looking for Bread Factory Tycoon codes: Bread Factory Tycoon codes


    This code credits your account with 1,000 Coins.


    This code credits your account with 500 Coins.

This code credits your account with 1,000 Coins.Check
This code credits your account with 500 Coins.Check

How to Use Codes in Bakery Tycoon

To use codes in Bakery Tycoon, first click on the Twitter icon at the left side of the screen:

Bakery Tycoon Twitter icon

Then, type your code into the Enter Code box and press the enter key:

Bakery Tycoon enter code box

About Bakery Tycoon

Start up your very own bakery in Bakery Tycoon, and put all the other nearby bakers out of business! Open up shop with a small corner-style bakery, and sell your way up to becoming one of the best bakers in the game. Run the checkout yourself to begin with and slowly get deliveries on the side to improve your income. With the cash earned from your sold items, you can even scale up operations by producing more baked goods in your own warehouse!

You can also, with the cash earned, upgrade production methods by introducing more dough makers, kneaders and ovens. Be careful not to get orders wrong however; providing incorrect items to customers may mean they never return to your bakery again!

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