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All current and previous game codes for Piece X Tycoon on Roblox.

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    This code credits your account with 20,000 Cash.

  • X

    This code credits your account with the Garp Hero.

  • Garp

This code credits your account with 20,000 Cash.Active
This code credits your account with the Garp Hero.Active

How to Use Codes in Piece X Tycoon

To use codes in Piece X Tycoon, first click on the Setting button at the left side of the screen:

Piece X Tycoon setting button

Next, type your code into the Enter CODE box, and then click the Enter button:

Piece X Tycoon enter codes box

About Piece X Tycoon

Inspired by the manga series titled One Piece, Piece X Tycoon allows you to live out your very own anime story, all within the safety of your very own tycoon! Much like any other Roblox tycoon, you'll first have to create your source of income to get started with construction. To do this, you'll have to purchase some cows, which over time will create cash for you to spend. Splash your cash on various areas of your tycoon, including new buildings, ports, as well as paths to navigate your island!

If you're looking for a bit more of a challenge, you'll also be able to head out to sea after you purchase your first boat. Here you'll be able to take on enemies for a bit of extra cash, and also explore new islands that the game has to offer. You don't have to do this alone however - you'll be able to hire your very own crew before heading out to sea, which will assist you in any of your future voyages!

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