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All current and previous game codes for Rush Point on Roblox.

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There are no available game codes for Rush Point to be shown at this time. Be sure to check back later! ⏲


    This code credits your account with 500 Credits.

  • G14NTB311Z

    This code credits your account with 200 Credits.

This code credits your account with 500 Credits.Expired
This code credits your account with 200 Credits.Expired

How to Use Codes in Rush Point

To use codes in Rush Point, first click on the STORE button at the left side of the home screen:

Rush Point store button

Next, click on PURCHASE CREDITS:

Rush Point purchase credits button

Next, click on the REDEEM button at the bottom right corner of the screen:

Rush Point redeem button

Next, type your code into the Enter Code.. box, and then click Redeem:

Rush Point enter codes box

About Rush Point

Immerse yourself within a fast-paced and competitive shooter in Rush Point, a game where you'll need to use teamwork, tactics, and skill to emerge victorious! In the "Casual" game-mode, you'll find yourself placed within a less competitive warzone, a great area for practicing your different weapons and skills available. If you're looking for more of a challenge however, you'll need to select the "Wingman" game-mode. Here you'll be placed with one other team-mate against two other players. Using team tactics and skillful aim, you'll need to take the enemy team out before it's too late.

If you're successful and manage to secure a victory, you'll earn yourself coins and experience. With your experience, you'll be able to level up your character's different abilties, which can come in useful when in a tight situation. With coins however, you'll be able to purchase new weapons, grenades, and armour, which can be used to deal even more damage to enemy players!