How to Delete a Roblox Game

The last resort for your Roblox creations.

If you've been playing Roblox for some time now, you'll be sure to have played on loads of different Roblox games created by fellow users. You may have even dared to create your very own experience for others to try out. However, if your attempt at the next big Roblox hit hasn't quite gone to plan, you may find that deleting your game is the first solution that pops into your mind.

Although permanently deleting your Roblox game isn't currently an option, you are able to make your game private to prevent any further players from joining. To do this, you'll need to start your game via Roblox Studio. Do this by first heading to your game's join page and clicking the three small dots next to the title:

Delete game tutorial three dots

Next, click on the Edit option to open up Roblox Studio:

Delete game tutorial edit option

Once your Roblox Studio has opened, click on the Game Settings button at the top of the editor:

Delete game game settings button

Next, click on the Permissions option:

Delete game permissions option

Next, select the Private option, and then press the Save button in the bottom right corner:

Delete game private option and save button

Next, all you'll have to do is click Save on the new pop-up, and your game will now be set to private!

Delete game save pop-up