How to Drop Items in Roblox

Share (or get rid of) your items!

Whether you're a kind player who likes to share with others, or you've got a cluttered inventory needing a clear, there will come a time (likely now) that you need to drop some items on the floor in Roblox.

See below for help to drop items on the device you're using, including hot keys.

How to Drop Items on PC or Mac

If you're on Windows, Mac or Linux, dropping items in Roblox is very straightforward.

Drop an Item in Your Hand

To drop an item from your hand:

  1. Select the item that you wish to drop from your hot bar (use the number keys or scroll on your mouse) so that you're holding it in your hand
  2. Press BACKSPACE () on your keyboard and the item will be thrown on the ground.

Drop an Item From Your Inventory

To drop an item from your inventory:

  1. Open up your inventory by pressing the ... in the top right of your game, and selecting Inventory (you can also use the hot key which is usually the key under ESC on your keyboard)
  2. Click on the item you wish to drop to select it
  3. Press BACKSPACE () to drop it.

How to Drop Items on Xbox

If you're playing Roblox on Xbox and wish to drop an item:

  1. Select it (hold it in your hand)
  2. Press the B button on your controller.

How to Drop Items on Mobile

Dropping items in Roblox on mobile (Android and iPhone) might not be possible, depending on your device and the game that you are playing. It may be possible to drop items by doing the following:

First, get the item you wish to drop in your hand or select it from your inventory screen. Next, open the chat (tap the icon in the top left) and spam the backspace button ().

If that doesn't work, unfortunately it likely isn't possible to drop items on your mobile device. This is a problem with Roblox and, unless there is a bug or the game you are playing has added an extra feature, you won't be able to drop your items. You will need to use a computer or Xbox to drop items.