How to Pay Bills in [Legacy] Zach's Service Station

Keep your business going!

[Legacy] Zach's Service Station is an intense gas station simulator where you'll be chosen to work as either an employee or a manager. Regardless of the position you're employed as, you'll need to work together with other workers to keep the gas station in business, and to keep your paycheck coming in. To avoid going bankrupt, you'll need to make sure your gas station's BANK balance is greater than the BILLS balance, which can be found at the bottom left corner of the screen:

[Legacy] Zach's Service Station bank and bills balance

There is currently no method to pay the station's bills manually. Instead, at the end of each in-game working day, the game will automatically pay off your station's bills using the available BANK balance. If there isn't enough cash in the bank to pay off your bills, your station will go bankrupt, meaning you'll have to start a new station all over again!