What Font Does Roblox Use?

Write Like Roblox!

One of the ways avid Roblox players can identify the iconic gaming platform's logo is through the unique font it uses. Unlike a lot of similar gaming platforms out there, Roblox's font helps users to easily identify the game, just in-case the name wasn't quite enough!

Roblox Logo Font

Roblox's iconic logo uses a font called Gill Sans Ultra Bold.

This is part of the Gills Sans typeface which was created in 1928, the use of this particular font for the logo was unveiled in January of 2017. Prior to Roblox's new font in 2017 however, they used a custom-designed logo between 2008 and 2016. Although there isn't an official font name for this particular logo, a font which looks strikingly similar is one called Cublox.

Roblox Chat Font

Although the Gill Sans Ultra Bold is Roblox's most recognizable font, it isn't the only one that they use.

For messaging, browsing, and chats, Roblox also uses a font called Gotham ScreenSmart (often abbreviated to Gotham SSm). Prior to this font however, Roblox used Source Sans Pro, which is part of the Sans Serif typeface.