Where Did the Name Roblox Come From?

A quick guide of the famous name's history.

Dating all the way back to 2005, Roblox's name has for sure been one to remember. Being one of the most popular games in modern day gaming, its no surprise that even those less tech-savvy have heard of it. However, at one point in the game's history, Roblox was only one of the many potential names for the soon-to-be global hit. So, how did the game's creators decide on this name? And what other names could've taken Roblox's place?

From Roblox's early beginnings in 2003, the founders David Baszucki and Erik Cassel knew they needed a good name if their game were to be successful. The first name they came up with, which was simply "GoBlocks", was chosen during the game's early development, and was registered in late 2003. However, this particular name would not last for very long. Less than two weeks after "GoBlocks" was chosen, the name was swiftly replaced by the name "DynaBlocks", which would become the name used on the test sites the founders created. Although it seemed to be a perfect title for their game, the founders still weren't happy with the name, worrying it would be too difficult to remember and hinder the game's success.

On the search for another name, the creators thought up Roblox as the next and final candidate in early 2004. Combining the robotlike avatars of players with the blocky nature of the game, the name "Roblox" perfectly embodied and presented what the game had to offer. The domain "Roblox" was then purchased on January 30th of the same year, with a company under the same name registered shortly after. This choice has certainly supported Roblox's impressive growth since its inception, helping it maintain a player base well into the millions today. Although the original names "GoBlocks" and "DynaBlocks" were scrapped, up until recently, their websites would still redirect you to Roblox's home page.