What Programming Language Is Used in Roblox?

Time to get scripting!

As one of the largest "game creation" platforms in the world, Roblox is home to tens of thousands of games..

But what programming language do they all use?

If you're looking for the answer to that question, read on. If you're wondering which language Roblox itself is made with (i.e. what developers who work for Roblox are using), you can also find that below.

Programming Language for Roblox Games

Anyone who's played for some time and has had the desire to start scripting their own game has wondered to themselves how it all works behind the scenes. If that's the case with you, you're in luck. We can tell you confidently that the programming language used to script Roblox games is:


Lua is a multi-platform language (that means it works on Mac, Windows, and other operating systems) and is commonly used for "embedded applications". Embedded applications are applications within applications, which is exactly Roblox's use case. Roblox itself is the "main game" written in a different programming language, and people write code which runs within Roblox in Lua. Without Lua, it might be more complicated to make a Roblox game.

Although Lua is used as Roblox's scripting language, Roblox provide a very useful interface that allows you to make your own game with little-to-no coding required, called Roblox Studio.

Programming Language Roblox Is Made With

As we mention above, Lua is used within Roblox for games the community create, but Roblox itself is written in a different language. The language Roblox uses behind the scenes is:


Meaning that, although you script games in Lua, the developers who make Roblox Studio and the Roblox client are using C++. Lua and other programming languages may also be used to make Roblox work. For example, the Roblox website probably isn't made with C++. And some of the tools the staff at Roblox use might be programmed with other languages, like Python.