Roblox Thumbnail Size

An important *aspect* to consider.

You've made an amazing game. What next? A thumbnail of course!

Your game's thumbnail is shown to everyone who stumbles across your game in Roblox's game listings and search. Being one of the first things a potential player will see when they are shown your game, it's important that you get it right. After all, most people will click on a game with a nice, clear icon over one that's with a squashed or pixelated.

One of the most important aspects (see what we did there?) to get your thumbnail looking 🔥 is its size. Below you can find our advice on the format and dimensions of your thumbnail.


Roblox recommend that your game thumbnail is at least 512x512 pixels, so these are the dimensions you should make your thumbnail.

Aspect Ratio

As is evident from the above dimensions, the thumbnail for your Roblox game should be 1:1, this means it should be a perfect square.

Thumbnail Format

We recommend that you upload your thumbnail in PNG format, but you can also use JPEG for your thumbnail.

Because when compressed JPEG can be less clear than PNG, uploading your thumbnail in PNG format will assure Roblox always have a high-quality file on hand to use.

When your thumbnail is shown to users, it may not appear in the exact same quality as you uploaded it in. This is because Roblox will compress it to reduce the file size. Everyone who sees your icon has to download it from Roblox, so if they didn't compress it, it would slow down the speed of the pages on Roblox's website! Rest assured, this happens the every game and there is nothing that you can do to prevent it.