When Was Roblox Made?

How old really is it?

If you're like many other players out there, you've probably at some point asked yourself, how old really is Roblox? Although the concept of a game development and sharing platform may seem simple to some, Roblox's history is actually more extensive than you may think.

Official Release

The game's official release was on the 1st of September 2006, after being created by co-founders Erik Cassel and David Baszucki in California. The co-founders originally created Roblox as a new and fun way for children to explore how game creation worked, to help them understand the core concepts of physics, and more importantly, for them to have fun.

Before the Official Release...

Although Roblox's official release was way back in 2006, there is actually quite a bit of history prior to when it came out. In December of 2003, the domain names "GoBlocks" and "Dynablocks" were purchased. Around the same time, "John's Puzzle Game" was created, which like many of the games at the time was only available in free cam mode. However, the name Roblox was officially adopted in early 2004, with the domain purchased and a company in its name registered. Between then and the official release in 2006, forums and player avatars were added, the logo was changed, and early minigames were removed.

Since the Official Release...

Since its release, Roblox has had many features removed, and a lot of cool and exciting ones added.


Robux, the in-game currency, was added in May of 2007, allowing users to purchase items for their character and special rewards in different games. For any veteran players that remember Tix, this particular currency was released shortly after, although it was removed in April of 2016.

Builder's Club

Roblox Premium's predecessor called Builder's Club was also added in 2007, followed by a more expensive version alongside it called Turbo Builder's Club in 2009.

First Conference

Outside of the game, Roblox held its first convention in August of 2011 called "Roblox Rally". Since then, Roblox has held several more conventions, with its name from 2015 having been changed to "Roblox Developers Conference".

Mobile Release

If you're a mobile player, you'll find playing on your mobile device to be extremely important. However, this option was not available until late 2012, where Roblox became available on iOS for the first time. This would be followed by its release on Android devices in early 2015.