Rodan's Head

How to Obtain and Item Information

How to Obtain

Find out how to claim Rodan's Head in Roblox

  1. Join the Godzilla Creator Challenge by clicking the button below and clicking the play ( ) button:

    Visit Creator Challenge
  2. Complete Challenge 1 to receive this item. For help and answers, see the guide below:

Creator Challenge Questions

What is NOT considered one of the most important elements when designing a map?

The locations for your ads

In Roblox Studio, what sets the player starting locations?

SpawnLocation object

When working on a game map, when is it a good idea to save your game?

Whenever making a big change that you don't want to lose

Where can you change the Snap to Grid settings?

The Model tab

What command is handy to use when something moves in a way you don't want?

Ctrl + Z / Command ⌘ + Z

How do you zoom the camera in and out?

Use a scroll-wheel or W and S

The world builder is responsible for which of the following?

Shaping the environment challenges for players

What's the best way of moving a building?

Using the Move tool, click on arrow handles to move

What role focuses on shaping the game environment?

World Builder

Where should you start when building maps?

Start with the most important things first

More Information

Rodan's Head

There are lots of items that you can put on your head: hats, caps, pumpkins, helmets, and even wigs. But do any of them come close to the magnificence of Rodan's Head? We think not.

Released20th June 2019
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