Rover the Astro-Pup

How to Obtain and Item Information

How to Obtain

Find out how to claim Rover the Astro-Pup in Roblox

  1. Join the Galactic Speedway Creator Challenge by clicking the button below and clicking the play ( ) button:

    Visit Creator Challenge
  2. Complete Lesson 3 to receive this item. For help and answers, see the guide below:

Creator Challenge Questions

So others can play, a game needs to be set to:


A variable is:

A placeholder for information that can be updated as needed


Hold code

Roblox Studio scripts use which programming language:


Once you upload a model to Roblox, what is one of the benefits you get?

All of the above

What variable changes how fast a driftspeeder can go?


After making a code change, you should:

Playtest to see if your code works correctly

For DefaultSpeed, which number might cause issues for your speeder in-game?


What's the name of the script with variables that control a driftspeeder?


More Information

Rover the Astro-Pup

Finally, an end to the argument of what the cutest shoulder pet in Roblox is. How can you get cuter than this intergalactic pup with four eyes and six legs?

Released31st January 2020
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