Saturn Ring Hat

How to Obtain and Item Information

How to Obtain

Find out how to claim Saturn Ring Hat in Roblox

  1. Join the Galactic Speedway Creator Challenge by clicking the button below and clicking the play ( ) button:

    Visit Creator Challenge
  2. Complete Adding New Models to receive this item. For help and answers, see the guide below:

Creator Challenge Questions

To open the Toolbox, which tab should you go to?


If you create and sell game assets, like 3D models, you can earn Robux.


3D models are one type of game asset.


The Driftspeeder Parts kit is saved in what part of your Toolbox Inventory?

My Models

Your Toolbox Inventory stores the following:

Game Assets, like models or sounds

More Information

Saturn Ring Hat

Did you know that Saturn has 53 moons? That's a fact you should know if you're rocking this hat. If you're walking the walk you've gotta' be able to talk the talk.. or something like that.

Released12th November 2019
Asset ID4368724562