Scrap Metal Hat

How to Obtain and Item Information

How to Obtain

Find out how to claim Scrap Metal Hat in Roblox

  1. Join the Galactic Speedway Creator Challenge by clicking the button below and clicking the play ( ) button:

    Visit Creator Challenge
  2. Complete Lesson 2 to receive this item. For help and answers, see the guide below:

Creator Challenge Questions

The process of combining multiple objects into one model is:


What keyboard press lets you duplicate objects?

Ctrl + D or ⌘ + D

Where can you turn Collisions on or off?

The Home and Model tabs

A finished speeder should be placed into what section of the Explorer.


If Collisions are on, and you duplicate a wing, it'll appear:

Above the original wing

Which tab does not include the Move, Rotate, and Scale tools?


Rotate snapping lets you do what to parts?

Rotate parts a set amount at a time

While building, you should always work in one camera angle, such as the top view or side view.


What should you do during a playtest?

All of the above

More Information

Scrap Metal Hat

A sturdy hat made from recycled scrap metal. It's not the most glamorous of hats, but that's not what a hard hat is for after all.

Released31st January 2020
Asset ID4504382101