Supernova Pauldrons

How to Obtain and Item Information

How to Obtain

Find out how to claim Supernova Pauldrons in Roblox

  1. Join the Galactic Speedway Creator Challenge by clicking the button below and clicking the play ( ) button:

    Visit Creator Challenge
  2. Complete Lesson 1 to receive this item. For help and answers, see the guide below:

Creator Challenge Questions

Which is not one of the steps to building the speeder?

Creating a Garage

Which password below can best protect an account?


When working on a game, how often should you save your work?

All of the above

To move an object in a specific direction, you should:

Use the directional arrows with the Move Tool

Publishing saves your work online, so you can access it on any computer.


How do you zoom the camera in and out?

Use a scroll-wheel or press W or S

More Information

Supernova Pauldrons

Enter a different dimension of fashion with these bright Supernova Pauldrons. Worn around your avatar's shoulders, they are great way to add some pizazz to an outfit.

Released31st January 2020
Asset ID4504382927