Roblox Error 267

Get back on your favorite server in no time.

If you've tried to join a Roblox game and have been met with an error that has the following message at the bottom:

(Error Code: 267)

..then you're in the right place!

In this guide, we're going to go over what causes "Roblox Error Code 267" and help you find out if it's possible to fix it.

Unlike some other Roblox errors, error 267 can mean many different things. This is because error 267 is generic error that is displayed when a server is kicking you. Below we've outlined the of the most common reasons a server will show the this error:

Account Age

Did you create your account within the past 60 days?

If you've created your account within the past month or two, and none of the other reasons below apply, then it is likely that the server has a minimum account age limit set up.

This is usually put in place to stop players with bad intentions (e.g. hackers) from creating new accounts to join the server after they have been banned. Unfortunately, it can prevent genuine new players from joining a server.

To fix this error, you will need to wait until your account is old enough to join the game. Usually the limit servers have set up is 30 days.

You've Been Banned

Did you break the game's rules recently?

If you've broken the game's rules, it is very possible that the moderation team has decided to issue a ban.

Depending on the rules you have broken, the ban may be temporary. In this case, you can resolve the error by waiting until your ban expires.

Roblox Is Having Issues

Is this happening on more than just one game?

If this is happening on every game you try to play, there is probably an issue with Roblox. We recommend waiting a few minutes and then trying again.

The Game Is Having Issues

Have you played the game before?

If you haven't played the game before (and none of the above situations apply to you), chances are, the game you are trying to play is having issues.

We recommend waiting a day or two and then trying to play the game again.

Device Problems

If this issue is happening on different games and it doesn't seem like Roblox itself is experiencing problems, it is possible that your Roblox files have been corrupted, or that an accidental change was made to them.

To resolve this, we recommend reinstalling Roblox. Please see our guide on how to reinstall Roblox.