Parry GrippRaining Tacos Music Code

Parry GrippMini-Party
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About This Song

The song Raining Tacos was released by the American musician Parry Gripp in the summer of 2012. It has playful and imaginative nature, using its lyrics to tell a story about tacos falling from the sky. If we know anything about Roblox and its player base it's that they love something quirky and exciting, so it was practically a given that such a playful and imaginative song like Raining Tacos was going to boom and become immensely popular on the platform. It's become so popular that if you've played Roblox with your audio on, you're bound to have heard this song being played on the radio or from some other player's boombox.

ArtistsParry Gripp
LabelParry Gripp
Release Date29th June, 2012